We just love this recipe using new potatoes and the flavours of the Mediterranean.

You can leave out the olives if you don’t like them, but try something else like sweet peppers roasted with the mixture.


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I made this recipe with the late, great Antonio Carluccio at the Hay Book Festival.

A celebratory platter of these is perfect for feeding a small gathering.  They go very well with the Crispy New Potatoes recipe, a good mixed seasonal leaf salad, and a zingy salsa verde.  Welsh lamb of course is the best, and you can replace the Parmesan with a Welsh hard cheese such has Hafod, and Parma ham with Camarthen ham.

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Coffee Grounds Rub for Roasting and the BBQ

What a revelation!  I love this idea, and the flavour is great!

You can also use coffee grounds in chocolate brownines, just google a recipe and try it out.

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A delicious soup that using a mix of wild and cultivated fresh seasonal ingredients.

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Chicken stock is incredibly versatile. You can use it as a base for soups and sauces, cooking liquid for rice or risotto, for braising poultry or vegetables, and so on.

The neck, back, ribs and wings are excellent for making chicken stock. Best of all, however, are the feet, if you can get them! Chinese supermarkets or a good butcher may be the source you need

When making the stock, always start with cold water. This helps extract more collagen, giving the stock more body. When cooking the stock, simmer gently rather than boil. Stirring is not needed, just skim away any scum that forms on the surface and top up the water level if it falls below the bones.

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Celebrating the arrival of British asparagus with this delicious tart.

A real favourite at home with my family, and perfect for lunch with a delicious seasonal salad.

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This is a fabulous cake, perfect for celebrating Easter.

Its roots are in Persia, and the ingredients are beautiful, the flavour delicate, and it looks gorgeous.

It is easy to make and will be a stunning centerpiece to your Easter table.

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Tomato ragu, is a wonderful, slow-cooked sauce, from which many variations can be made.  i have included 3 below that I demonstrated recently.  A meat ragu that can be used for a pasta bake, Lasagne al Forno, and a bolognaise; an Arrabiata sauce, perfect to mix with cooked pasta and finish with Parmesan; A Puttanesca sauce, delicious with chicken, fish and of course pasta!  It all freezes beautifully, so triple up on ingredients and make yourself a few sauces and freeze for later.

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For centuries, atoning for their sins by paying for the construction and decoration of churches was the standard way of life for Roman nobility. Caravaggio got in on the act, befriending the rich families of his day, and inside the Basilica di Sant’Agostino hangs his Madonna di Loreto. Caravaggio used his friends as models, and his Mary is sensuous and real. He also illuminated the scene in a way that proved revolutionary. Let there be light, then. We find the same shining light in pasta alla carbonara, the apotheosis of the Roman kitchen, which owes its name to the charcoal burners (carbonari) who used to leave for work with some handy ingredients from which to make lunch. They might have let some coal dust slip in, hence the black peppery finish.

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This indulgent Greek dessert is simply scrummy!  I like to add additional flavours to the syrup such as rose or orange flower  water.  I also sometimes finish the top with some chopped pistachio, and a little candies orange and lemon zest.  also, you can replace walnuts with chopped almonds or pistachio.  To serve, I like a dollop of Greek yoghurt, or a nice scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

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