Tart au Citron

A lovely zingy tart that is great all year round.  In summer, I top it with a mix of soft seasonal berries, drizzled with a little Creme de Cassis and a heavy dredging of icing sugar.  This coats the berries and makes a little sauce, just perfect with this dessert.

You can make 8 individual tarts or make a 9” tart with this mixture

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Roasted Tomatoes and Peppers with Herbs de Provence

These are simply delicious, and my fridge is never without a tray of them in summer time.  I use them in so many ways and they are gorgeous added to dishes like the Summer Daube of Beef, or the Gnocchi with Tomatoes and Courgettes recipes we have posted.

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Summer Daube of Beef

This is my summer version of a classic rich winter dish made with red wine and rich stock.  In this recipe, to make it seasonal I have added slow roasted tomatoes and peppers with Herbs de Provence. You can make these in advance; they are delicious additions to salads, rice and pasta dishes, on top of toasted sourdough or ciabatta etc. Recipe can be found above. This was my nod to the fabulous Parisian restaurant Le Grand Colbert, where the final scene from Nancy Myers film “Something’s Gotta Give” was filmed starring Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton Na Keanau Reeves. We were treated to a feast of classic dishes, including a slow cooked beef in wine, served by amazingly efficient waiters with plenty of attitude.  Very French and amusing!

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Gnocchi with Tomatoes and Courgette

This is the first of 4 recipes from my July Saturday Morning Kitchen which was inspired by the trip I took with my daughter Olivia to Paris.  Surprisingly the city was in love with Italian cuisine!  This delicious number is my interpretation of a dish we enjoyed in the Dior Flagship Store on the Avenue de Montaigne.  It was a wonderful experience, surrounded by plush Dior fabric covered furniture, beautifully dressed tables and trés chic waiting staff.

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I know you can buy these off the shelf, however, they are so easy to make and look impressive.  I like to use them in the Summer Berry and Lemon Tiramisu, but also on the side with a chilled glass of sweet wine!

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This is my summer version of the famous Italian ‘Pick me Up”.

The soft berries and lemon syrup are heavenly.  You can make a large one in a pretty glass dish, or individual cute ones for your guests.


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Chicken with a difference; full of flavour and cooks super succulent on the BBQ.

Perfect main course after our anti pasti recipes and flat bread.

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My favourite snack, any time of the day, especially when I am cooking and enjoying a glass of wine!

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There is nothing quite like homemade, fresh pesto.

It teams up with the soft silkiness, and rich dairy flavour of burrata beautifully.

Try it as part of our anti pasti feast with our recipe for Itali8an Flat Bread and Roasted Vegetables.

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