Friday 03 June 2022


Join us for a fabulous day in the kitchen creating some delicious classic, seasonal Italian  dishes.  Throughout the day we will work through a good set of culinary skills including making fresh focaccia from scratch; cheese making-ricotta and hand made pasta. Your menu will be full of flavour and vibrant colour, perfect for a lovely supper for 4 people, so why not plan a little soiree?

Here is our Menu-

  • Focaccia, finished with Courgette Ribbons and Parmesan
  • Homemade Ricotta Cheese and Pesto Tortellini, with Tomato Butter and Rocket Salad – Lunch.  Note- You will also take home 16 of these as your primi starter for supper.
  • Porchetta – using locally reared rare bread pork, we will prepare this Italian classic using authentic flavouring, brining and stuffing before hot smoking and roasting it on the BBQ. A real treat to take home
  • Slow Roasted Sweet Peppers and Onions with Salsa Verde
  • Lemon Tiramisu with Summer Berries

Please bring the following to take your food home

  • 2 x 500ml containers for your tortellini/peppers
  • We will wrap everything else


Sorry, this course is now fully booked