Sunday 21 November 2021


This is one of our favourite courses of the year, full of Festive spirit, fun, tradition and creativity!  It will help you bring a very special personal touch to your festive feast.  It can all be done in advance with us ready to roll out later.

Here is the Menu of what you will be making:

  • Angela’s Special Christmas Pudding with Candied Orange and Bitter Chocolate with Hidden Trinket
  • Traditional Brandied Christmas Cake with Decorative Finish, Cake Board and Ribbon
  • Lap of Luxury Mincemeat
  • Special Layered Festive Pork Pie
  • Lunch: A glass of Bubbly, Angela’s Festive Pork Pie, Salads, Pickles and Little Crispy Jackets


Please bring the following to take your dishes home:

  • 1 x 1L pudding basin and we will wrap up everything else.

Sorry, this course is now fully booked