Sunday 26 November 2023


This is one of our favourite courses of the year, full of Festive spirit, fun, tradition and creativity!  It will help you bring a very special personal touch to your festive feast.  It can all be done in advance with us ready to roll out later.

Example Menu of what you will be making:

  • Angela’s Special Christmas Pudding with Candied Orange and Bitter Chocolate with Hidden Trinket
  • Traditional Brandied Christmas Cake with Decorative Finish, Cake Board and Ribbon
  • Lap of Luxury Mincemeat
  • Special Layered Festive Pork Pie
  • Lunch: A glass of Bubbly, Angela’s Festive Pork Pie, Salads, Pickles and Little Crispy Jackets


Please bring the following to take your dishes home:

  • 1 x 1L pudding basin and we will wrap up everything else.

3 places available
On-line booking for this course/event is now closed.
If there is availability, you can call 02922411305 or email to enquire about securing a late booking.