Sunday 21 March 2021


Bellissimo! This is the perfect menu for entertaining friends and exploring the seasonal ingredients of Spring. You will learn a good range of skills including bread making, knife skills and making fresh pasta. Angela has chosen the following for you to cook and take home. See you in class, Ciao!

Here is an Example Menu:

* Garlic and spring herb focaccia

* Tortellini filled with spinach, ricotta and candied lemon with a wild garlic butter sauce

* Cioppino Fish Stew (contains shell fish)

* Pea and asparagus risotto with crisp parma ham and rocket (lunch)

* Lemon Tiramisu

Please bring the following for transporting your food home in-

Cloth bag for focaccia, 1 medium plastic container for your tortellini, a larger container for the fish stew and a cake box or suitable container for a 7” cake.

5 places available