Saturday 10 April 2021


We love Italian food at the School, and we know our guests do too. In this class Angela will share some of her favourite dishes from her time travelling through Tuscany. The local market of the main towns, the little family run restaurants, food speciality shops and even the supermarkets are packed full of gourmet treats, some very simple and inexpensive.

Your menu will start classically with bread, then move on to a delicious pasta dish, a main course and then finishing with a classic sweet treat.

Here is an example menu and it’s all yours to take home, apart from the lunch:

· Focaccia with Wild Garlic Pesto and Sea Salt Crust

· Fresh Homemade Ricotta and Spring Green Pesto Tortellini

· Asparagus, Peas and Parmesan to finish – Lunch

· Arista Pork Loin, brined, rolled in Spring herbs and then slow cooked on the BBQ smoker

· Spring Vegetables Roasted with Passata and finished with a Gratin

· Tuscan Citrus and Almond Cake

Please bring the following to take your food home-

· We will wrap your pork

· 1 x500ml container

· We will provide you a foil tray for your cake

· We will wrap your bread

2 places available