Sunday 14 April 2024


Discover the wonderful world of spice with Angela as she unveils her fabulous new course and menu.  She will take you on a sensory adventure where you will learn how to roast and blend spices and then turn them into this classic feast of authentic Southern Indian dishes.  You will also expand your knife skills, classic preparation and cooking techniques throughout the day.


  • Coorgi Gwati – Rich Chicken Curry, cooked with tamarind and fresh curry leaves
  • Naan Breads
  • Chutneys – Fresh Coconut, Date and Tamarind
  • Avial Curry – A beautiful curry from Kerala cooked in yoghurt and finished with coconut
  • Chemmeen Manga Curry – Fish and Prawn curry made with fresh mango and coconut. This will be your lunch served with fragrant pilau rice

All class notes and recipes will be sent following the class.

Please bring 2 x 1L containers; 1 x 500g container for rice; 2 x 200ml containers for chutneys; we will wrap your naan breads.

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