Saturday 26 March 2022


When I am at home, I love creating simple dishes that have big flavour and are versatile in turning into something else i.e. a salad that turns into a lunch or a main course or is just great on its own. My working days can be long and demand high energy, so I need the food that I eat to give me that energy and this cuisine is perfect

In this class I will bring together some amazing Middle Eastern inspired flavour mixes to form some of my favourite dishes.

It’s healthy, super fresh and will give you so many ideas to adapt to your everyday cooking. I am excited for you to join me for this culinary work out. See you in Class – Angela x

Your Menu:

· Let’s Spice it Up! Make a Baharat mix to use in our lamb recipe and some to take home

· Roasted Aubergines with lemon, honey and Tahini dressing

· Courgette, bean and pea fritters with Harissa

· Lunch – Pomegranate Molasses Chicken with Green Tabbouleh

· Mujadra (rice and lentils) with chopped salad and Tahini

· Lamb Siniya (a Middle Eastern style Shepherd’s Pie with a baked yoghurt and pine nut topping)

Please bring the following to take your delicious food home:

· 3 x 1L containers

· We will provide a foil dish for your lamb dish

· We will wrap your cookies

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