Saturday 03 September 2022


On this course, we will be taking the cooking fun outside in our purpose built BBQ chalet.  You won’t believe the amazing feast you can achieve on your barbecue and we will show you how.   From bread to dessert, brining to smoking, marinating to rubs, it’s all in a fabulous day’s cooking.

This menu is Angela’s favourite Italian BBQ feast:-
  • Italian Flat Bread with Smoked Garlic and Summer Garden Herbs
  • Slow Roasted Anti Pasti with Fresh Genovese Pesto
  • Porchetta (marinated and stuffed pork loin and belly with exceptional crackling) using locally produced pork. 
    Lunch with Slow cooked Tomatoes and Summer Leaf Salad
  • Roman Chicken (brined, rubbed and glazed) Hot Smoked with Apple Wood Chips
  • Amaretti Cake with Strawberries and balsamic syrup

Please bring the following to take your food home:

1 x 500ml container for your Anti Pasti

We will wrap your bread, chicken and dessert for you.

4 places available