Friday 26 June 2020


Discover the wonderful world of spice with Angela as she unveils her fabulous new menu.  She will take you on a sensory adventure where you will learn how to roast and blend spices and then turn them into this classic feast or authentic Indian dishes.  You will also expand your knife skills, classic preparation and cooking techniques throughout the day as you work through the menu as follows-

  • Delicious Pakoras with Dried Pomegranate Seeds
  • Lasooni Dal- made with yoghurt and curry leaves
  • South Indian Chettinad Chicken Curry
  • Perfect Rice

For lunch Angela will pre marinate a Rann of Welsh Lamb the day before, you will then cook this on the BBQ and make accompanying crispy shallots, classic gravy and a coriander chutney.  This will be served with rice.

Please bring the following containers to take your food home-

1 x 1L

2 x 2L

8 places available