Sunday 24 May 2020


BBQ heaven awaits you at the Cookery School. Angela has designed a range of courses so that you can cook al fresco all year round. You will learn how to create a range of rubs, marinades, glazes and how to brine. You will then apply a range of classic barbecue skills – grilling, roasting, baking and hot smoking to produce a stunning lunch and some take home treats.
Here is your menu-

  • Delicious Lamuchan (flat bread) with spiced ground beef and pickled chillies
  • Low ‘n’ Slow Smoked Pork Mole chilli for lunch
  • Rice and Peas stir Fry- Lunch
  • Brined, spice rubbed and glazed Byzantine Chicken
  • Sticky Almond Cake with Spice Roast Oranges

Please bring the following to take your food home in-

  • 1 x large sheet of foil or a container for your chicken
  • We will supply the container for your dessert.
  • 1 large sheet of foil to wrap the flat bread
8 places available
On-line booking for this course/event is now closed.
If there is availability, you can call 02922411305 or email enquiries@angelagray.co.uk to enquire about securing a late booking.