Sunday 08 November 2020


There’s nothing like homemade show-stopping bakes to wow friends and family.  So why not join us for a fun filled festive themed day where you can create and bake delicious goodies to take home and freeze and present with confidence over the Christmas season.

Here is our fabulous menu-

  •  Boxing Day Pie- Turkey, bacon and prune rolls, stuffing balls,button mushrooms and  porcini, in a rich white wine sauce- served 6-8 people (This will be taken home raw so that the pastry is baked perfectly on the day).
  • Pork, Chestnut, Apple and Sage roll, finished with a cheese pastry lattice- serves 6-8
  • Porcini, Truffle and Parmesan Focaccia- serves 6-8
  • Buche de Noel, a French chocolate, sweet chestnut and brandy cream roulade covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with a little glitz and sparkle- serves 8
Lunch is included- Onion Veloute with crisp bacon and parsley crumb, selection of cheeses and breads.
Please bring suitable containers to take your food home-
  • A box to fit your pie into- we will provide the foil dish
  • a baking sheet for the Pork and Chestnut Roll
  • A cloth bag or large sheet of foil to wrap your bread
  • A baking sheet or large cake box for your Buche de Noel
8 places available