Saturday 17 October 2020


Spice classes are among the most popular we deliver; people just love spice! So, Angela has devised a new course that explores the world of curry and has brought together some amazing and authentic recipes for you.

You will roast and blend spices to form the pastes, marinades, rubs and finishes for your dishes. You will also use a good range of preparation skills and cooking techniques, so all in all a fabulous day.

Get ready for a stunning mix of heady aromas and tastes.

Here is your menu:-

  • South India – Meen Manga Kari/Mango Fish Curry. This will be lunch with roti, coriander relish and rice
  • Africa-Malawi – Kuku Paka- Chicken and Coconut Curry
  • South Africa – Babotie – a Baked Beef curry
  • Sri Lanka – Wahaka Kari – Butternut and Spinach Curry
  • Pilau Rice

 Please bring these containers with you:-

3 x 1.5L containers

1 x 500g container

Sorry, this course is now fully booked