Sunday 05 March 2023


Join Angela in the kitchen for a day of classic French Cooking. Master the art of a good pastry, the base of a great soup, simple but delicious bread and a hearty classic one pot dish full of complexity.  You will cover a broad base of skills throughout the day all of which will serve you well in your future culinary pursuits.

Here is your menu-

  • Potage Bonne Femme – with Leeks, Potato, Chicken Stock, Herbs and Cream
  • Fougasse Bread with Rosemary
  • A classic Quiche Lorraine, this will be your lunch with Frites and Salad
  • Boeuf Bourguignon, using Welsh Beef and Pancetta
  • Mousse au Chocolat

Please bring the following to take your dishes home-

A large sheet of foil for your bread

2 x 2L container

2 x ramekins for your chocolate mousse

9 places available