Sunday 09 October 2022


This course explores the wonderful aromatic world of Asian food, and how classic combinations can define a cuisine and transport you to the country of origin. We will explore a plethora of ingredients that will come together beautifully to form a stunning feast for you to take home.

During the class you will brush up your knife skills during preparation, learn how to roast and blend spices, make marinades and rubs to build complex flavours in your dishes. Angela will share lots of tips and skills from a professional kitchen that you can adopt into your every day cooking at home. It promises to be a fun filled foodie day and here is your menu-

  • Thai Red Curry Paste- we will make this classic, delicious fiery paste from scratch
  • Thai Beef  Curry- This will be a slow cooked dish for a deeper flavour
  • Prawn and Fish Laksa with Rice Noodles – this will be your lunch
  • Vietnamese Pho with Chicken
  • Thai Corn Cakes with Pickled Cucumber

Please bring the following containers to take your food home in-

1 x 2L container; 1 x 1L Container and 1 x 500ml containers



4 places available